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The Disciple’s Prayer

Another year is almost gone. We are just a few days away from New Year’s Eve.

I think that for most of us a new year begins with mixed emotions. If you are like me, you will have some disappointments as you review those areas in which you failed to meet your expectations for 2015. Every year contains its share of failures.

On the other hand there is the excitement of a new beginning. Just think – you haven’t messed up anything in 2016 yet.

The good news at the beginning of every year is that God forgives our failures of the year just passed and gives each of us a brand new beginning on January 1st in the year ahead.

As I look ahead to the new year, I am like most people. I will probably make some resolutions and just as probably I will fail to keep them all.

I do have one resolution though that I know that I will set for 2016 and it is the one that I pray I will keep.

Here it is

I resolve to be a disciple of Jesus Christ who is committed to the task of making other disciples so that by the end of the year I can look back with the knowledge that I have grown in my walk with Christ and been an instrument in others growing.

I want to close this final blog entry of 2015 with a prayer that I hope is both an encouragement and a challenge to you for 2016.


A Disciple’s Prayer

Lord Jesus, thank you for giving yourself for me
Help me to give myself for others.

Thank you for teaching me through your example
Help me to teach others through my example.

Thank you for accepting me just as I am with all my faults
Help me to accept others with their faults.

Thank you for forgiving me when I sinned against you
Help me to forgive those who sin against me.

Thank you for loving me when I wasn’t very loveable
Help me to love those who don’t appear loveable to me.

Thank you for leaving the comforts of heaven for me
Help me to be willing to leave my comforts for others.

Thank you for the humility that led you to the cross
Help me to have the kind of humility that sacrifices.

Thank you for moving beyond the cultural barriers that separated heaven from earth
Help me to move beyond whatever barriers might separate me from those whom
you love.

Thank you for bringing God’s kingdom into this world
Help me to be a voice for that kingdom wherever I might be.

Thank you for being patient when I am slow to learn
Help me to be patient with people in my life.

Thank you for investing your life into the lives of your disciples
Help me to invest my life into the lives of those whom I disciple.

Thank you for becoming human so that I could see the life of God lived out in human  form.
Help me to demonstrate your life so others might know that you are God and believe.

Lord Jesus, thank you for giving yourself for me
Help me to give myself every day for others.

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