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Small Church Stories

We are looking for your stories of God at work in your church so that we can
encourage other small-church people. There are so many stories out there that never get told and we would like to tell them.

I think about the church that saw a steady flow of young people attend Bible College and then move into full-time Christian ministry over a period of several years.

There is the church that decreased in numbers after COVID but increased in the number of people making a profession of faith in Jesus.

There is the church that was instrumental in sponsoring multiple refugees to come to Canada and then partnered with them when they got here.

There is the church that works in one of the poorest areas of Canada and has
developed a ministry to the people there.

All of these churches are small and yet they are making an impact. We want to share these stories and many others in this section as an encouragement to us all. So, get in touch with us even if you just think that you might have a story. We want to hear it.