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Book: “Reality Check for the Church”

Reality Check for the Church” is written not by an expert in an ivory tower but fellow traveler who has experienced frustrations and blessings of small church life. If churches are looking for an easy three-step solution to all of their problems, this is not the book for them. But for those churches that are committed to the long-term task of building a solid vision for the future, Dr. Johnston has provided a practical guide for the journey.

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Article: “The Beautiful Gift of Small Churches”

The article “The Beautiful Gift of Small Churches” is in the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) magazine “Faith Today” – July/August 2018.

Article: “In Celebration of Small Churches: size as an indicator of church health”

This article is in the Northwest Institute for Ministry Education Research (NIMER).   It is a peer review article.


Podcast with Ron Baker

Dr. Johnston did a podcast with Ron Baker on the Small Church, Small Church Connections, and Canadian Small Church Ministry Centre on February 2, 2021.

Podcast with Karen Stillar

Dr. Johnston did a podcast with Karen Stiller of the EFC on “Why Small Churches Matter”.


Dr. Johnston  wrote a blog for Flourishing Congregations Institute entitled “Discipleship in the Small Church” in November 20,2020.