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Heads Up: A New Addition To The Blog

Every few weeks I will be sending a “Heads Up” blog entry that will give you a heads up on some resources (conferences, seminars, books, websites, etc) that pertain to small churches and might be of interest to you. I am not endorsing the material that I include but just passing the link on to you for you to decide whether it is of interest.

If you know of links or other material that might be of interest to small-church leaders, pass them on to me and I may include them in a future “Heads Up” entry.

For this first Heads Up I want to mention two items.

A Conference

A few weeks ago I was speaking with Dr. John Bowen of Wycliffe College at the Toronto School of Theology. He mentioned that he was in the process of helping to plan a conference for small-church leaders. This is the link to the conference site. There are not many events planned specifically for small churches so you may want to consider it.

A Blog

I have mentioned Karl Vater’s blog before and have quoted him on several occasions. He now has a blog on the Leadership site. This link connects with an introductory article on that blog.

As I mentioned above, please send me anything that you think could be of interest to other small-church leaders.

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