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What We Do

Small Church Connections exists to help small churches develop a greater sense of their own potential and in so doing become more effective in serving their communities.

We do this in the following five ways:


We encourage small churches to understand their value in a culture that puts a premium on bigness. We do this through spending time with church leaders and through preaching in Sunday services.


We work with present and future small church leaders to equip them to handle the unique challenges of small church leadership. We do this through one-on-one meetings with leaders, through seminars and workshops, through partnering with denominational staff, and through teaching in Bible Colleges and Seminaries.


We help small churches develop their own unique vision for ministry. We do this through consulting with church leaders over longer periods of time and through working with them as they develop a vision for the direction that their church should take.


We develop resources uniquely designed for small church ministry. These resources will take a variety of different forms – workshops, books, study guides, etc..


We conduct research designed to understand more fully the place of the small church in Canadian society. This research will take the form of interviews, surveys, church visits, etc..