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Significant Church

For the past four years Small Church Connections has partnered with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and ten other organizations in a research project on small churches in Canada. To the best of our knowledge this is the only study of its kind ever done. What makes it unique is that everything in the report comes from small-church leaders like yourselves. This is an opportunity to hear what other people in small churches are saying.


On January 17th the final report was launched. It is our belief that this report will have a powerful impact on small churches across the country. If you have not looked at the report, you can access it at:

Ron Johnston was interviewed for an article in EFC Faith Today entitled “Appreciating Small Churches” on the research that was done on Significant Church, for March 2023.  

Short Videos on the research of the Significant Church

Check out the Flourishing Congregations videos regarding the Significant Church research. Ron Johnston, Kevin Driver, Rick Heimstra, Lindsay Callaway, and Ron Baker give short five minute thoughts. See videos here