Resources for the Small Church in Canada

Renegotiating Faith

This is a study that has been done on how youth are renegotiating their faith when they leave they leave home. There are recommendations that small churches can be doing to help their young adults make this transition and keep connected to the church.

The PDF of this study Renegotiating Faith can be downloaded from p2c :

An article was written about this study in Faith Today entitled “How young adults renegotiate faith”

Renegotiating Faith: An interview with Rick Hiemstra about the youth and faith research project –

Renegotiating Faith: The delay in young adult identity formation – A discussion of major new research on youth and faith, featuring practical advice for churches. Includes lead EFC researcher Rick Hiemstra, Anton Lim of Power to Change–Students, and Jeremy MacDonald of Truth Matters. Host: Karen Stiller.


Lifeway has done research on pastors on being bi or multi-vocational.                                              


WayBase has done research on how Christian charitable organizations are faring in Canada throughout the Covid 19 pandemic. It is called Christian Charities and Well Being in Covid -19.                               

Karl Vater

Karl Vater is a leading small church author and pastor. Here is a link to his website.


How our pastors and leaders are doing in Covid                                                               lead

Pastoring a small church well and looking at leadership issues from small church perspectives.