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Canadian Small Church Network

On January 17, 2023 the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, in partnership with eleven other organizations, launched the final report of their new study entitled Significant Church: Understanding the Value of the Small Evangelical Church in Canada “whose purpose was to understand from pastors what small churches need to function and flourish in Canada.” The authors of the study, Rick Hiemstra and Lindsay Callaway, did a great job of meeting that goal.

The danger of a study such as this is that people will read it, comment on how good it is, and then do nothing about it. This study needs to be taken seriously. We need to radically change our approach to small churches in our denominational offices, our academic institutions and our para-church organizations as we try to support churches in Canada.

The task of building a whole new approach towards small churches is too large for any individual church, denomination, academic institution, or organization to accomplish on its own. Evangelical leaders across Canada need to work together in conjunction with small-church pastors if this is going to happen. To facilitate this, Small Church Connections has established the Canadian Small Church Network open to anyone with a desire to serve small churches more effectively than in the past.

Members of the network will be expected to participate in the following ways:

  • contribute to the discussions between evangelical leaders and small-church pastors
  • support programs designed specifically for small churches whenever possible
  • provide financial support at whatever level the members feel they can afford
  • promote small churches in their own sphere of influence

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